Kumu Clinic Product

12 month Intensive Care Package – One Time Payment


This package is for serious health issues that need significant time and in-depth work. Some people need more than 12 months due to factors such as levels of toxicity or deficiencies, levels of health issue, a long-standing medical disease diagnosis, or toxic environmental contributors. This package includes:

Introductory Consultation with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and full health history (90 min)
Blood work laboratory evaluations (Lab fee is not included. You’ll pay your doctor or the lab directly for blood work)
Individualized mineral balancing protocol
Weekly scheduled check-in call (10-15 min) to review health and concerns
E-mail support between calls for the full 12 months (except Sunday)
Access to our online nutritional supplement dispensary (35% off retail)
Completion Consultation with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (45 min)

Price is for 12 month program

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