Kumu Clinic Product

3 month Improvement Package

From: $225.00

This package is for minor health issues or if you need extended support while you implement a mineral balancing protocol. This package includes:

  • Introductory Consultation with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and full health history (90 min)
  • Blood work laboratory evaluations (Lab fee is not included. You’ll pay your doctor or the lab directly for blood work)
  • Individualized mineral balancing protocol
  • Weekly scheduled check-in call (10-15 min) to review health and concerns
  • E-mail support between calls for the full 3 months (except Sunday)
  • Access to our online nutritional supplement dispensary (35% off retail)

This may be purchased in 3 monthly installments or as a one-time payment.

$225.00 / month for 3 months

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