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Keiki: Our Next Generation (children’s service)


Our Next Generation

This is the HTMA test with a consultation for Keiki (children) only. The process for children is the same as adults but kids have less of a backstory so the consults usually take less time (approx. 45 mins). Once you purchase this option, you’ll be able to download instructions on how to proceed with the Test.

This one-time service uses a hair tissue mineral analysis to guide a consultation. This service, for children only, includes:

  • Consultation with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and full health history (45 min)
  • Blood work laboratory evaluations (Lab fee is not included. You’ll pay your doctor or the lab directly for blood work)
  • Individualized mineral balancing protocol
  • Access to our online nutritional supplement dispensary (35% off retail)

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What to expect once you have purchased the HTMA:

  • Please review the Welcome to the HTMA Analysis Letter and Symptom Profile form (will be emailed after purchase).
  • Please complete the Symptom Profile form, save the document on your device, and email it back to our offices: stephanie@flj.jav.mybluehost.me
  • Once you purchase the HTMA kit, here’s a general timeline to expect:
    1. The kit generally takes 5-7 days for delivery in the USA, international mailing takes longer.
    2. Once you’ve completed both cutting your hair for the sampling and the blue Intake form, mail these as directed in your kit. Assume another 5-7 days.
    3. Once received by the lab, it takes 3-5 days to complete the analysis and email the results to our offices.
    4. Once received on our end, it takes 5-7 days to complete our interpretation and subsequent analysis of the lab results.
    5. We will then contact you to schedule the 45-60-min consult and provide the results from both the Lab and our analysis. At that point, you are prepared to go to the Calendar and schedule your consult as directed.
  • Generally speaking, the overall timeframe is 4-6 weeks from the day you purchase the HTMA kit to the day we’re conducting the consult. Regrettably, this process takes time. We do everything we can to make it worth the wait, but are very aware of and sensitive to the time in this multi-step process.
  • Once the consult is scheduled, you can decide whether you wish to conduct this call via phone, Skype, Facetime, or in person for those that reside on the island of Oahu

PLEASE NOTE: Due to exclusive distribution agreements, we cannot accept orders for hair tests from clients originating from the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, El Salvador, Equador, Finland, Guatemala, Honk Kong, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Guinea, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates.

Visitors from these countries need to purchase the test from a distributor in their region. Please contact Trace Elements, Inc. for further information.

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