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Second Set of Eyes Consultation


Consultation Only (with HTMA less than 1 yr old)

This one-time service uses a previously obtained hair tissue mineral analysis test (less than 1 year old) to guide a full consultation. This service includes:

  • Consultation with full health history (90 min)
  • Blood work laboratory evaluations (Lab fee is not included. You’ll pay your doctor or the lab directly for blood work)
  • Individualized mineral balancing protocol
  • Access to our online nutritional supplement dispensary (35% off retail)

This is for the consultation only provided you’ve already purchased an HTMA test in the last year.

  • If you have not purchased a test in the last year, and still want one in conjunction with a consultation, click here.
  • If you want a Consultation for Keiki, click here.

What to expect during your consultation (45 min – 1 hour):

  • Review Symptom Profile form: confirm metabolic challenges and create context for interpretation of HTMA
  • Review Findings of HTMA Analysis: Identify mineral levels and ratios that correlate with the Symptom Profile

Identify Nutritional Recommendations based on HTMA: Based upon the findings from the Symptom Profile and the HTMA, a series of recommendations will be made to address stress patterns and enhance energy production



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  • Please review and complete the Symptom Profile form. Save the document on your device, and email it back to our offices: stephanie@flj.jav.mybluehost.me
  • Please email us a copy of your most current HTMA (less than one year old).  It takes 5-7 days to complete our interpretation and subsequent analysis of the lab results.
  • We will then contact you to schedule the 45-60-min consult and provide the results from our analysis. At that point, you are prepared to go to the Calendar and schedule your consult as directed.
  • Once the consult is scheduled, you can decide whether you wish to conduct this call via phone, Skype, Facetime, or in person for those that reside on the island of Oahu

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